Michaels Testimony

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Michael's Heavenly Encounter :
We would like to try and let every one hear what Michael our 10 year old son experienced in church a couple of Sunday's ago. Be blessed at this amazing experience.
Just to fill you in .. on Sunday night 10th April the children had come up from children's church as our adult service was just finishing .... The Holy Spirit began to fall upon our eldest daughter Lisa who is 13 year old ... and then the Holy Spirit came powerfully on our son Michael. A number of church folks were around as began to see ... some of the first ones were Barbara Burridge and Clare Williams & Pip Earl .. Andrew Meyrick who transcribed most of this encounter and myself, my wife Jane & Alex Herd.
It was amazing to watch as the Lord touched Michael and then took him into Heaven and showed him so many things for about 45 minutes then he came out of it .. it was awesome to be there and see this encounter.
At the same time this was happening the Holy Spirit fell upon our youngest daughter Sarah who is 9 years of age and then Lilly Earl her 6 year old friend.
Jane & I have spend the past hour this morning with Michael going over what Andrew transcribed that night as we feel that there was so much more that you didn't hear of last night at church.
Here is abit more detail of what the Lord showed Michael .... We pray it blesses you all and helps you to see by Revelation what the Lord has just shown him.
Sunday night : 10th April, 2011.
As I came into church I felt to sit down and pray to Jesus. As I did a Light shone on me and with that light came an Overflowing Love. I was then lifted up into the heavens in this white light.

I saw Angels coming around me, surrounding me as I went up. They were clothed in white robes and had shining faces with wings. They were floating around me .. like they were hovering .. their wings were fully open and moving quite slowly and they had no shoes on.
Then Jesus was suddenly next to me in white shining clothing ... and I saw the shape of His face which was light. I couldn’t see the color of His eyes or hair …. His face was in this golden Light. He was twice the size of me. Jesus smiled at me … and I felt loved.

He showed me Heavens Gate .. it was Golden ... with a massive Palace & town. The Palace and the town was surrounded by a wall ... it was golden in color.
I then saw these massive Golden Gates open towards me. And I saw a bright shining light, coming out as the doors opened. God's voice spoke to me from inside. He said " Come my son " . It was a voice not an impression … I felt excited about what it was going to be like inside … and if I was actually going to go inside at all.  

Jesus took me around lovely meadows surrounded by animal’s .. rabbits .. deer ... foxes ..  I also saw a pheasant & a dog that was lying down and resting.

Jesus took me to a Throne Room ... it had golden pillars and paintings like you see in old churches and jewels every where. The windows in the Throne room were in the shape of diamonds and they formed pictures .. some had angels in them . The Throne room was massive and there were jewels in the pillars & jewels in the walls but not on the floor. I was blown out when I saw it …. .

I saw two rows of angels with banners on the end of golden trumpets … they were standing in rows in front of the throne …  As we walked towards the throne the angels were on either side of Jesus & myself. Their Golden trumpets were raised … we walked right up to the throne and they were playing … And there were people with harps in the back ground and there was music as we entered the throne room. .

The banners on the trumpets where purple and golden with no picture on them. The trumpets were long like they have in Narnia when they crowned Edmund, Peter, Susan & Lucy at Cair Paravel.

The angels  were a bit bigger than Jesus and they had different faces. They were wearing  white robes and had wings coming out of their back but their wings were all folded down.

There were creatures around the throne. They were not like real animals but a combination of different animals ... like an Eagle & a Lion .... they had Eagles wings coming out of the Lions backs. And they were singing " Hosanna "  

They were playing with Harps and some thing that looked like a tambourine { e.g. small drum with small cymbals }
Jesus held out a staff in His hand, it was wooden like a shepherd's staff.
I saw three thrones . The one in the middle was for the Father … Jesus was to sit on the right hand side of the Father and the Holy Spirit in the left hand side.

As I looked at each Throne they almost looked liked they were joined together, as if they were one throne. The Throne's were Golden & I saw jewels covering the thrones ... the jewels were all the color's ... emerald, ruby, sapphire blue, yellow , purple .. etc plus ones I had never seen before. The thrones were empty. No one was on the thrones and there was no one else around except me & Jesus, the angels and the lion with the wings. 
I looked up and saw no roof above the Throne's ... I saw clouds above the throne like the Northern Lights but much greater ... with angels dancing in the clouds in a line. I was taken up into these clouds and began to dance with the Angels. I felt lots of energy … hyper … and the angels had instruments and there was music but the angels I was dancing with were not singing, it was coming from somewhere else.

Then the Lord took me outside to the town ..  It changed instantly … one minute I was in one place and the next I was in another place .. in an instant. And the town was lined with Golden roads.

I came to a River of Life ... it was crystal clear ... fast flowing and it was coming out from the tree ( Tree of Life) like a big strong oak tree and it had a thick trunk. The water was flowing from the Tree of Life into the houses and it was powering them, giving them light. Jesus dipped His hands into the River of Life and began to pour water over my head. It was nicer than real water .. it felt so good … it felt refreshing and it gave me a good feeling .. like after you have done something really good.

The Tree of Life had loads of fruit on it and each day the youngest child came and took a piece of fruit to share it with their families. They lived on that fruit for the day. There was different fruit on the tree and they looked like pomegranates/apples and there were grapes, oranges, banana's ... every single type of fruit on the same tree.

I saw some adults with children walking down the street with their children and their faces were full of light and they seemed to be always smiling … They were people who had died and gone to heaven … some were like toddlers … and some were like my age 10 – 12 year olds … all different ages. And the parents helped the toddlers by lifting them up to pick the fruit off the tree of life. They lived in families. The houses they lived in were plain and simple but the bricks were golden.
Then Jesus took me to a door. It was a normal door and it was made from an oak tree ... there was a jewel on the end of the handle. It was a Ruby. I could tell that it was a ruby as I have read a book about Gems and someone had brought some jewelry to school. And I had watched a jewelry program with dad on TV when he was trying to buy mum a present.

The oak door opened and I went through this door and came into a beautiful garden which was the New Earth.  As I went in though this door it was covered with wildlife ... lakes ... waterfall's ... rainbow's ... animals drinking from the lake and they were mostly deer.
Then Jesus said to me "This is the New Earth which we will Treasure"

Jesus voice sounded like my thoughts .. His mouth moved but I heard it in my mind/thoughts … it was a familiar voice. I think I have been hearing His voice all my life .. I just thought they were my own thoughts but now I realize that He has been speaking to me for ages.
Then Jesus took me out into space … I didn’t see myself floating in space but I felt I was looking to earth from this space like satellite vision and Jesus showed me the Old Earth and it was covered and surrounded by a black mist of sin. I just knew it was sin … It was obvious to me as I have read my children’s bible many times … What else could it be I thought!

The Lord then took me down to visit it and All the buildings were crumbled and destroyed. There was No life in it at all ... all the plants had died. I saw no people on it ... it was all deserted.  Jesus said to me " This is the earth that man has Destroyed"
" What I have shown you I want more people to see ”.
I have shown you this because I want you to tell the people that you have seen this and that they should Turn Back to God.
This is what is going to happen and you can't stop this but " You can help Save more People ”

Jesus left and I woke up again back in my seat in church.

This is every parents dream that the Lord would take their children and show them His Heavenly Kingdom. We know our son and this is a totally genuine experience.

It was incredible to see this happen to him ... but at times during the encounter it was some what fearful as I could see the Fear & Awe of the Lord upon Michael's little face.


We feel that the Lord has commissioned Michael that very night before our eyes.

And last night at church before he spoke Michael shared with me that he was hoping that at least 50 % of the people in church would not be Christians so they could hear his message and be saved.


Richest Blessings

Ian & Jane McCormack


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